What is the harsh truth of life?

1. Most people struggle for a lifetime, can not have their own ideal of a happy family and career.
2. Some people have worked hard all their lives, only to the starting point of some people.
3. A lot of people’s efforts are faking.

4. You think you have a good relationship, but it’s because the interests are not related.
5. Many people want you to have a good life, but they don’t want to see you do better than them.
6. In a romantic love you think you are just the other party’s choice after weighing the pros and cons, not the love from the heart.
7. Compared with work, learning is simple. Work should consider multiple levels, and learning only needs to control yourself.

8. It’s not easy to control your body and skin, which requires extreme self-discipline and even extreme.
9. People who meet love are so lucky, but most of them just make do with it.
10. Many people’s hobbies are not really like something, but to eliminate loneliness.
11. When a person suddenly becomes progressive, it may be that his friends and relatives have become rich instead of watching a famous person’s inspirational speech.
12. When we are faced with the huge temptation of money or power, and need to break through the bottom line of the law, many people will think that it is OK to try and give up their principles with a fluke mind.

13. Most men will never believe that their parents will be bad for their daughter-in-law.
14. The best thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said.
15. In fact, many people will regret their choice in the bottom of their heart, but they will not admit defeat in oral, and will demonstrate how great and correct their original choice is.

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