After breaking up, don’t do these 5 stupid things

What things should never be done by lovers after breaking up.

First of all, never have five thoughts after breaking up

a. “Break up and want to be

b. “Really want to know:
after breaking up with each other has not been better than me?”

c. “The situation we have
developed to the present is the fault of each other. Why should I bear the
pain? The other side must pay the price! “

d. “I shouldn’t have said
goodbye! I still have feelings for him / her! I’m going to ask him / her to
come back, even if I beg, I want him / her to come back to me! “

e. “I saw him / her three
months later, and I had the urge to have sex with him / her…”

The first four points are all very well understood, but the fifth
point is that it may take some brain work to figure out the reasons. Next, I
will explain in detail to you:

After studying 792 lovers and cohabitants, American psychologists
found that teenagers aged 17-24 and those who have just reached adulthood are
the groups with the most blurred boundary between love and sex and those who
suffer the most.

Of these people, 53% had at least once had a relationship with their
ex, and they were also more likely to fall into a rolling wheel pattern of
“constantly breaking up, falling in love again, breaking up again, falling
in love again”.

It is more difficult for them to establish a healthy relationship
with other people if they don’t have a healthy relationship.

Physical and psychological experiences are closely related, but
there are differences.

What’s the reason this person has let you lose interest in before?
If the reason is not found out and the fundamental problem is not solved, even
if the hormone secretion is excessive this time and you guys have a
relationship again, I’m afraid it will only become an accessory of impulse.
This kind of relationship will gradually make you lose the ability to fall in
love with others.

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