Are you afraid to get married and why?

The following is from a fan who has been following me for a long time.
Yes, I’m afraid of getting married.
Life is so colorful that I haven’t had a good time.
I don’t think marriage can guarantee love, so it doesn’t mean much to me;
I don’t want to give birth to children because I can’t provide a good environment for children to grow up in, and at the same time, it will reduce my low quality of life;
Watching too much TV, afraid of domestic violence, afraid of adultery, afraid of cold violence, afraid of fraud.
Weak character, do not want to live in the future life in injustice.
Sensitive personality, afraid of postpartum depression.
I hate this society and values that only talk about interests and have no human feelings. The separation was disappointing.
Marriage does too much harm to women.
I’m afraid that the other half is cheating, and I’m afraid that I can’t stand the temptation.
After giving birth to a child, I’m afraid that I can’t take good care of it, so I can’t give it a bright future.

And a lot more….. Maybe I am an unmarried person!

To sum up, I want to tell her:
Honey, marriage needs ability. If you’re afraid of having a failed marriage, it’s probably rooted in yourself, not in the outside world. After all, it’s your choice. After all, if you choose the wrong person, you may have a bad marriage.
If you look at the reality, you will find that a person who can live and understand when he is young is often happy in life.
Please don’t throw the tragic results caused by the ability that you don’t understand to your marriage.
How to find and maintain a marriage that can avoid risks is the embodiment of one’s ability.
Please don’t blame your incompetence on marriage. What you need is to improve yourself, not to avoid or complain about marriage.

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