Can you write something so deep that it would make me feel something?

When my friend’s son was about five years old, he secretly brought back a small part from the LEGO interest class. This is his first and only sociological theft since he was born. A friend asked him why he wanted to take Lego’s small parts home, and he said he liked the stickers on them.

Because of this matter, my friend thought for a long time how to solve it. This kind of stealing behavior is the instinct of children in the process of development, it is out of a kind of possessive desire for their favorite things, rather than intentional theft, deliberately destroying social rules.
At the same time, if a child makes such a mistake, then his parents must be dereliction of duty, because we give him too few social rules in our daily life. He didn’t know in essence that he had done something wrong.

Finally, after discussing with his son’s mother, the friend decided to go with his son to admit his mistake to the teacher. There are two purposes to do this. My friend said: first, go with the child so that he doesn’t feel lonely and helpless, and let him know that no matter what he does wrong, his father will be with him. Second, it can also make up for the lack of company in life.

In fact,
whether it is children or adults, doing wrong is not terrible, but can not lie,
let alone irresponsible. Only brave people will face up to their mistakes, and
cowardly people will shirk their responsibilities. Wise people learn from their
mistakes and avoid making mistakes again.

That’s why
my friend attaches so much importance to children stealing toys. After that, at
least, my friend said that his son had never stolen anything from others.

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