Do you get uglier as you get older?

I think girls before the age of 25 can only say that they are beautiful, not beautiful. Because the appearance of this time is dependent on youth. But after 25, it’s easy to be ugly.
Physically speaking, people begin to decline after the age of 25, regardless of men and women, but women’s appearance is more obvious. And this stage is when we are just starting to work, and we are also facing marriage problems. Many people’s bodies will start to transmit bad signals. 
But I observed that after 25 years old, women will be divided into two directions: one is gradually withered and yellow, and the other is the majority; On the contrary, some of them are getting better and more beautiful. I know a lot of good women who are the latter. They are generally about 30 years old. Their work is getting better and better. They are very stable and charming. In fact, they were very ordinary girls in school.
Why is this because they have no work pressure or life pressure? There are two main driving forces for this differentiation: First, how do you manage your life and what are your eating habits, work and rest habits; The second is your social circle. Although it’s not very good for us to categorize social circles, there is no doubt that when you’re with good people, you’re more likely to become good people, and vice versa.
Your social circle determines your insight and bearing. These effects are long-term, but they will not be too long. The essential differences can be seen in three or five years.
As far as I’m concerned, I think I’m more elegant and leisurely before I’m 35, because I have to keep fit and pay attention to the work and rest of life after I’m 25 years old, plus the requirements of my occupation.

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