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Yes, it was shared with me by a reader friend of mine, and I had asked her permission before I answered this question. So next, for convenience, I will describe it in the first person.
When I was 17 years old, I often had stomachache. At that time, I, including my parents, thought it was a common stomach disease. I didn’t pay special attention to it, so I went to the hospital to buy some painkillers. Until one night, my stomach pain again attack, my forehead is full of sweat, pain is about to faint, had to wake up the sleeping parents to the hospital.

After the hospital examination, I still thought it was a simple stomach disease, but my father’s expression was very serious. The next morning, my mother woke me up and said that she would take me to a larger hospital for further physical examination. I went there without any problems. After a series of tests, the doctor looked at me in silence, and then said to me: honey, we can’t check your uterus. I froze for a while, came over for a long time to react, and then asked the doctor: then I can’t have children in the future? The doctor replied, yes!

At that time, I felt that my life was really terrible. I kept crying and felt that God was really unfair. I can’t imagine my mother crying all my life.

However, this is not the worst result, the worst thing is that I have no vagina!! My vagina is closed, which means I can’t have sex in the future. The doctor comforted me that the current technology is very developed. This problem can be improved by surgery, and it will be the same as normal people after finishing. I don’t know if anyone has ever experienced desperate things, but this series of blows really made me lose hope for life,,,,
That’s what this reader friend shared with me. Later, we contacted her again and told me that she had undergone vaginal surgery and had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend loves her very much and will consider adopting a child if he gets married. After hearing her later story, I was relieved that she was strong and she could now live with the people she loved. I hope she will be happy in the future.

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