Does the taste of your partner’s body affect your sex life?

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Smell and love, it seems that there are some links we are difficult
to know, and there are always some flavors, so that you can know when you
smell, oh, this is the taste of love.

You may not believe it, but “taste” does have an impact on
your mate selection, Related articles: What
relationship facts should everyone know before getting married?
and our
taste for taste is determined by our genes.

The influence of smell on
mate selection

Everyone can secrete a hormone, pheromone, to form its own unique
physiological smell, which is usually called body odor, also known as pheromone
or pheromone.

A large number of studies have shown that there is a taste in the human
body that makes people attracted to each other. It will directly cause the
brain reaction and make people have sexual impulse.

But this kind of smell released from the human body, we generally
can not smell it, only other people can feel it, especially between the
opposite sex.

In 2017, a study examined the importance of odor in communication by
conducting interest surveys on 453 people (142 heterosexual women, 161
heterosexual men and 150 gay men).

Regression analysis showed that there was no gender difference
between heterosexual men and women. Both men and women attach great importance
to the smell of potential spouses. Gay men value their partner’s voice more
than heterosexual men.

Some studies have shown that people care about the body odor of a
potential mate, which may be related to the chemical signals that the odor
transmits to the potential mate for immune matching.

For example, some animals, such as mice and fish, will give
preference to their mates with different odors. And this information is
transmitted through chemical signals. In humans, the same mechanism seems to
work. At this point, we can see that taste preference seems to be an important
driver of mate selection, that is, the beginning of a relationship.

Smell can make us meet
love, so does it affect sex?

Olfaction is a powerful mechanism for human communication (including
sexual communication). Although it seems to be less important than vision and
touch, some studies have shown that it has a certain impact on sexual relations.

Some studies have shown that most people in a relationship like the
smell of their partner (after all, they have gone through pre relationship
screening), and in a questionnaire survey, 77% of heterosexuals thought their
partner’s smell was pleasant or very pleasant.

The sexual impact of smell
on women

In terms of preference, women like the smell that is considered
“dominant” in men. However, it is not clear whether testosterone
levels in men can predict the attractiveness of body smell, as some of the
current studies are inconsistent.

A study has found that women in a relationship can smell what
belongs to their partner when they are apart, creating a “comfortable
feeling.”. In the study, women reported that smelling a partner’s T-shirt
or pillow made them feel closer to their partner, helping them reduce anxiety
and feel comfortable.

Sexual effects of smell on

In 2019, a study published in biopsychology investigated men’s
sexual response to women’s follicular and luteal sweat during the menstrual
cycle. In both stages, the women provided sweat samples during sexual arousal
and normal conditions.

The researchers found that men were more sexually aroused when they
smelled the sweat from a woman’s follicular phase than during the luteal phase.
Genital arousal increased when the men in the study smelled sweat on the women
during the luteal phase.

Some research findings also show that certain odors of the human
body may induce reciprocal emotional reactions, and negative emotions such as
anxiety may bring about negative empathic responses. For example, the odor
produced by women when they are sad and crying can reduce men’s sexual desire.
Therefore, most of the body odor in a negative emotional state may reduce the
sexual desire of the partner.

So, we all know how important is the flavor of your body? It is also
important to keep your personal clean and healthy.

Do not affect the taste of the body because you do not pay attention
to cleanliness. You should also pay attention to the smell of bacteria caused
by unhygienic bacteria, or spray a large amount of perfume in pursuit of

I don’t say much about the health effects, but we need to know that
taste has a certain impact on meeting love and maintaining a relationship!

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Finally, ask you a question: what do you think your “love
potion” taste? Leave your answer in the comment area!

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