Four ways to meet beautiful girls.

We all know that women like “confident” men, and the only way to face beautiful women with real confidence is to get used to getting along with beautiful women. Otherwise, even if you have money and power and read 10000 books about chasing girls, you will still be nervous and appear unattractive.

What are the specific ways to contact beauty and practice?

There are basically four ways to meet beautiful women: day game, night game, online game and social circle.

Day game refers to chatting up any girl you meet to attract you in your daily life. It can be in any place: shopping mall, music festival, vegetable market, supermarket, road, etc. I’m usually more direct and tell them why I’m talking to them. Or open the conversation through the current situation, but I’ll soon let her know that she’s attracted to me. I don’t like to ask the way around the corner. Don’t think about waiting for the perfect time. You often don’t have a chance when you wait.

It is not recommended to wander around for a few hours to chat up beautiful women. This is not efficient. It is recommended that you chat up in daily life, which is simple and efficient.

Night game refers to chatting up girls at parties, bars and other places at night. Many of my friends like it best and have the highest success rate.

1. Most of the girls are dressed up and waiting to meet the right person. There are many girls who can have one night stand that night. Maybe she is not waiting for you, but she is waiting for someone. How can she know if you don’t talk to her?

2. The alcohol in the girl’s body helps you to reduce the difficulty and gives the girl an excuse to go to bed with you (I drink too much, he takes advantage of others’ danger).

3. The density of beauties in bars is high, so the time cost of searching for beauties is low and the efficiency is high.

Bars are very normal places to socialize. You can meet girls of high quality. When you first go to a bar, you may feel very scared and uncomfortable. This is normal. The key is to stick to and adjust your attitude, and gradually build up a confident and strong heart.

Online game refers to online dating. Tinder and bumble are popular internationally. If you want to get to know people from other countries, you are recommended to use bothlive and other international social software.

Social circle refers to the social circle, friends of friends, through the party with friends. Personally, I don’t use this method because I don’t like to spend a lot of time at messy parties. And if you mess up with a girl, it will cause unnecessary embarrassment and spread to the whole circle of friends.

But it’s one of the most common ways to get to know each other. Through the friend of a friend, the girl has an invisible layer of trust in you. And I suggest that you participate in more social activities, at least to improve your social skills and emotional intelligence.

There are a lot of suggestions for dating girls, just like a diet plan. If you listen to all of them and try them out, the effect will not be good. First catch a girl you think is reasonable and like, and really practice it. Remember, you must practice. Dating a girl is not a boring exam. It requires your real-time witty response. Only by practicing, reflecting and correcting mistakes can you make continuous progress.


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