Have you ever experienced something you can’t explain?

It is estimated that there are many people
who have experienced this kind of feeling. This feeling is not very often. It
is obvious that we are about to fall asleep, but our body suddenly has a
feeling of falling from a high place. It is like the feeling that we step on
the edge of a cliff and fall into the abyss, and then wake us up from our


So what’s the reason for this feeling? Some
scientists have shown that this situation may be related to the protection
mechanism of the brain. When we are particularly tired, the brain will
mistakenly think that we are dormant or “dead”, so it will send a
signal to stimulate the brain, which is used to check or feedback whether we
are dormant or “dead”!


However, the human brain is too complex. At
present, the development level of human brain is not 10%. It can be imagined
that what will happen if the development of human brain reaches 50% or higher?
Therefore, if you want to find the real reason, you need a lot of data and
experiments to study and analyze!


Like this situation, I believe many people
like me have encountered, and do not know exactly what the reason is, what do
you think is the reason, welcome to leave a message to express your views!

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