Have you ever witnessed an objection at a wedding?

I’ve been to a wedding before, which is
probably the most unforgettable wedding I’ve ever seen.


When the wedding is in the process of
exchanging rings, suddenly a woman rushes up from the stage and kisses the
bride! Yes, you’re right. It’s the bride! They kiss for a full minute before
being pulled away by the shocked groom.


The groom was about to say something, but
the girl who ran on the stage kicked the groom’s penis with tears and then left
with tears and laughter. Only the bridegroom, the crying bride and the shocked
friends were left on the stage.


Maybe we all think that the girl and the
bride must have a special relationship. In fact, we were so wrong. I was ready
to leave after the wedding. I heard the bridegroom on the phone with someone.
After listening for a while, I realized that the groom was on the phone with
the girl who hit. It turned out that the girl was the groom’s ex girlfriend,
because she couldn’t accept the bridegroom’s marriage with other women, so she
retaliated at the wedding. The girl even had mustard in her mouth before
kissing her maliciously……..


Of course, because of the girl’s revenge,
the wedding certainly did not go on. This is probably the most special anti
wedding practice I have ever seen.

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