How can I become socially confident?

In everyone’s world,
Have had a sense of inferiority.
Or inferiority to appearance, knowledge, wealth, ability,
Or inferiority to their own heart.
How to live with confidence?
Maybe it’s the subject of many people’s life.
First of all, I’d like to ask what it’s like for a child who has been lacking in self-confidence since childhood?
1. Walk very slowly, bow your head and shrink in the road when you meet someone;
2. The voice is very low;
3. Dare not look at people’s faces;
4. When other people divide things, they take the less share each time;
5. Fear others to see their own excellence;
6. Be afraid that others will see you make a fool of yourself;
7. Fear of being asked back;
8. Never or seldom refuse others;
9. Recover very slowly or not after being wronged.

If you are the same, have you ever thought: Why are you not confident? It seems that I dare not do anything. I am afraid of making mistakes.

Not confident, in the final analysis or we can not accept the reality of ourselves. In fact, self-confidence is a kind of healthy “Self-protection” defense mechanism, which refers to the psychological mechanism used by a person to avoid interference and maintain psychological balance when his spirit is disturbed.
To put it more popularly, it is a kind of self-protection avoidance behavior taken by a person when he feels that the external environment poses a threat to himself. So what can we do to make ourselves less vulnerable to the environment and become confident?
1. Accept your imperfections
Many people don’t feel confident because they are not beautiful enough, their bodies are not good enough, and their grades are not good enough. If one wants self-confidence, he must accept his imperfection first. Only when a person truly accepts the “true self”, can he have the desire and motivation to change.
2. Praise yourself or give yourself psychological hints every day
Psychological suggestion has a kind of energy, it can change our behavior and thinking mode, can stimulate infinite potential.
3. Do what you like or excel at and set reasonable goals.
Make the best of what you are good at or like, even if you only run a 500m every day, you will accumulate a little bit of confidence in the achievement events.

In fact, think about the reason for inferiority, is not enough to accept themselves?
Everyone is unique in this world. When God gives you the reasons for inferiority, it is not from inferiority that makes you more unique, better and more powerful.

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