How can I become the best version of myself in a month?

1.  Treat life like data, be rational and mature, love and stick to it.

2.  Work with an entrepreneurial mindset.
3.  Don’t get tangled in details and perfect planning. The point is whether the action has started.
4.  Set yourself a goal that is much higher than your current ability, and then break it down.
5.  If you’re worth ten thousand dollars, don’t do a hundred dollar thing, even if you’re free.
6.  The purpose of fighting alone is to stop fighting alone. In the workplace, we need to set expectations for our leaders, rather than force ourselves to do everything according to their requirements.
7.  Active communication is to actively understand the work needs, actively find problems, and actively find solutions, so as to carry out the work more efficiently.
8.  Don’t “compare maliciously”. When you see a different situation and life, you should always be kind and grateful.

9.  Sadness is a distress signal, and sharing sadness really deepens our connection with others more than sharing happiness.

10.  If you invite someone into your world, make sure you don’t worry about it.
11.  Love always needs us to show a little initiative in order to become love.
12.  Don’t get acquainted with others too quickly. Maintain the superficial friendliness, and you will discover their essence.
13.  When other people are upset that you are angry with you, the best way is to be extremely calm, so that they will be more angry, but after a while they will feel very embarrassed.
14.  Whether it is between friends or lovers, must leave a part of the safe distance.

15.  Once a person has the awareness of financial management and starts to manage money, he will naturally change the habit of disorderly spending.

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