How can I stop thinking of a person?

recall, but also as soon as possible to lose the side of love

Love a person, always leave traces of love.
For example, each other’s shoes, clothes, other household items used together,
photos, other text content stored in the mobile phone, etc.

To a mobile phone cleaning, to a family
cleaning, the traces of love, should be less. Even if you turn on your mobile
phone, there will be no trace of love.

You should treat the lost love rationally.
It’s not that you don’t know how to cherish it, but that two people are really
not suitable. Let go is also love, do not entangle, break up, every day
recalled once the picture, that is cruel, not happy.

If you really can’t help missing, don’t
contact, don’t take the initiative to inquire about the other party’s life.
Just think that person has nothing to do with yourself. Even as a stranger.

Don’t complain or punish yourself
impulsively. You should know that in addition to the role of love, you are the
children of parents and friends. Around you, someone needs you, someone thinks
about you, you are not a lonely person.

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