How can one improve his/her flirting skills?

After reading my first two articles on how
to make friends online, if you find a suitable online chatting partner, then
how can you have a pleasant chat to deepen your impression on each other?


How to talk on the Internet correctly and
get people? Don’t tell me you just want to talk, don’t want to make an
appointment! All not to engage in object-oriented online chat, are playing

First you have to be clear,

The purpose of online chatting is to
promote good feelings,

Whether it’s poetry or poetry, or life

The purpose of online chat is not just to
exchange information!


For example, if you just met a opposite
sex, you don’t know what to say

So you ask

A kind of

How tall are you?

How much do you weight?

How old are you?

Do you want to shoot a picture?

The other person will think you are a fool,
and then your chat will be over.


The right way is

The purpose of boys is to manipulate girls’
emotions in order to cause strong emotional fluctuations

It’s best to make girls happy all of a
sudden, lose all of a sudden, and be confused


You make it!


In short, it’s “flirting”!

Girls are the same, in short,


ad locum

I want to remind you a little bit

If you don’t look like Brad Pitt

Or don’t send photos as soon as you come up

I’ll send photos to meet you when you’re
chatting, or you may not even have a chance to chat


First, describe yourself more.

Don’t worry that the other person is not
interested. Maybe one of the ten sentences is of interest to him / her? You
said your own experience of embarrassment, just as she also experienced, then
strengthen this “fate” feeling! And don’t be silly enough to talk
about religion and politics Talk about things you know, like eating, drinking,
and having fun.

Second, learn more about each other’s
platform information.

Before chatting, make full use of good
Facebook, INS, a social platform that exposes personal (evil) interests! From
time to time it shows that you also like this….. The other person will think
that you will be particularly in tune.


Third, more Emoji.

The weakness of human nature is inevitable.
No one is willing to invest a lot in uncertainty. In the appointment, give the
other party your mood and attitude at the moment in time, which can arouse more
responses from the other party. Smile when you are happy, cry when you are sad,
and use Emoji or pictures to express your feelings. In short,


Fourth, recommend something that you think
is useful to each other.

Useful things can be a funny cold
knowledge, an interesting software, in short, it can arouse the other party’s
interest, you should show that you are a knowledgeable and interesting person
rather than a boring person.

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