How can you improve your communication skills?

Communication ability includes expression
ability, argumentation ability, listening ability and design ability (image
design, action design and environment design). Communication ability seems to
be an external thing, but in fact is an important embodiment of personal
quality, which is related to a person’s knowledge, ability and moral character.

Here are some ways to improve our
communication skills:

a list of communication situations and objects

This step is very simple. Close your eyes
and think about the situations in which you communicate with people, such as
school, family, work unit, parties and all kinds of daily situations. Think
about who you need to communicate with.

your communication

In this step, ask yourself the following

What situations are you happy with?

What situations do you feel under
psychological pressure?

Who would you like to communicate with

Who do you like to communicate with most?

Do you always have pleasant communication
with most people?

Do you often feel that you don’t make
yourself clear?

Do you often misunderstand others before
you find yourself wrong?

Do you keep in touch with your friends

Are you too lazy to write or call people?

To answer the above questions objectively
and conscientiously will help us to understand the situations in which the
communication with whom is ideal, and in which situations and with whom the
communication needs to be improved.

your communication style

In this step, ask yourself the following
three questions

Usually, do you communicate with others
actively or passively?

Are you focused when communicating with

Is the information sufficient to express
one’s intention?

There are obvious differences between
active communicators and passive communicators. Research shows that active
communicators are more likely to establish and maintain extensive interpersonal
relationships with others, and are more likely to succeed in interpersonal

Develop and implement communication plan

Through the first few steps, you will be
able to find out where you have deficiencies, so as to determine which areas to
focus on improvement. For example, if the scope of communication is narrow, we
need to expand the scope of communication; if we ignore the contact with friends,
we need to write and telephone.

If the initiative of communication is not
enough, it is necessary to actively communicate with others. Make these into a
step-by-step communication plan, and then put your own plan into action, which
is embodied in specific life matters. Don’t be shy. No one will make fun of
your initiative. On the contrary, the other party may appreciate your courage!

Monitor the plan

This is a crucial step. Once the
supervision is not effective, it may fail. It’s better to supervise yourself,
such as using diaries and charts to record your own development, and evaluate
and analyze your feelings.

When you have completed a project, such as
saying hello to the opposite sex who has been afraid to speak, you can reward
yourself with a good meal or a movie. This will help consolidate the phased
achievements. If you don’t complete the plan, you have to take some punitive
measures, such as doing push ups or doing some lazy physical work.

In a word, the implementation of the plan
needs confidence and confidence that you can succeed. Remember: a man can do
much more than he has done and believes he can.

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