How can you train yourself to go to sleep quickly like they do in the military?

At night, after washing carefully, I did all the preparations with a sense of ceremony.
Go to bed, close your eyes
Open your eyes, sure enough, not asleep.
So, how can you fall asleep as quickly as in the army? If you want to know, then be sure to read on!!

If you want to fall asleep quickly, there are several prerequisites that you must do. First of all, you must clean the room. You must hope that the place where you sleep is clean and tidy. Then you can buy a comfortable, soft mattress and quilt, and then hang the curtain with strong shading. Then the environment suitable for sleeping is ready.

1. Body scanning
When I can’t sleep at ordinary times, it’s probably because I think of all kinds of messy things in my mind. Today’s task is difficult, and the leader is still a fool! /It’s really embarrassing to say something wrong just after school_ When I see a little sister when I go out in the morning, should I ask her FB? How can I make a good impression?
What is body scanning? It’s a popular method on the Internet. It’s like this:
Focus on a part of your body,
Scan from top to bottom, from toe to toe, straight to head, and then from head to toe
Concentrate, imagine your body sinking, soft and comfortable
Note: don’t think about sleeping during this period!! If you read sleep while using methods, then all methods are useless, the most important thing is to forget to sleep!
2. The bedroom temperature is controlled at about 20 ℃
Generally, the indoor temperature of 20 ℃ – 23 ℃ is the most suitable for people to sleep. Below 20 ℃, people will curl up and wrap up their quilts because of cold. However, if the temperature is higher than 23 ℃, they will feel hot and need to lift the quilt.
Therefore, it is best to control the room temperature, not too high or too low, which will affect your sleep and sleep state.
3. Plant small plants in the bedroom
The air state of the bedroom is also very important, sometimes feel stuffy in the bedroom, it is not conducive to sleep. But do you feel stuffy because of lack of oxygen? no, it isn’t
It is because there is a shortage of negative ions in the room, and when there is a TV or computer in the room, the negative oxygen ions will decrease rapidly. It can not only replenish oxygen, but also purify the air.
4. Stretching before bed
You can do some stretching and relaxation activities. Some people like to do some exercises before going to bed, such as Tai Chi and yoga, which are good ways to relax.
5. Don’t eat before going to bed
If you are really hungry, try to eat less, drink some warm milk, and mild fruit. Apples and bananas are very good.

You may not find that when we sleep, we always don’t know when we fall asleep, and we always fall asleep unconsciously. Only when you don’t care about sleeping and don’t put your mind on sleeping, we tend to fall asleep most easily.
Finally, I wish every friend a wonderful evening.

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