How do I make a relationship last until marriage?

Someone once asked me, what is the most difficult reason to break up?
I said: no feeling.
Two people fall in love for a while, but after a long time, they tend to be dull. So some people, like children, leave each other behind after three minutes of heat, looking for new stimulation and freshness.
Is there such an example around you that two people finally meet and enjoy their passion and love. They start to cling to each other crazily. They don’t want to hang up when they call late at night. But after two months, the passion fades, and finally they end up unhappy.
Love is a kind of ability, it needs to look at a relationship in the long run, not just pursue the excitement and excitement of the moment, love a person, need to consider each other’s future.

When a mature person falls in love, he needs to consider the future relationship and development. The long-term development of two people must plan for the future.

When it comes to freshness in the process of love, most people will think of giving some small gifts during the festival, paying attention to each other’s birthday, occasionally creating some small romance, planning a trip together, and sharing their new views These make our monotonous life interesting.
What’s more, both sides should have common hobbies. For example, if two people love traveling, then travel is meaningful. If both people love movies, going to the cinema is romantic enough. Therefore, lovers should constantly explore each other’s preferences and try new things, instead of wasting time day after day. 
In the ordinary life to create unexpected surprise, constantly try new things, two people experience something together, into each other’s heart, can make this kind of intimate relationship become unique.
The needs of love include carnal, spiritual, spiritual satisfaction and sustenance. Many people emphasize that we should not rely too much on our partners. We should not be too independent. Instead, we should achieve a relationship of mutual sustenance and interdependence. Only in this way can love continue to happen.


1. Love a person, need to consider
each other’s future.

2. Extend the process of love, the
faster the love means the faster the end.

3. Love needs a sense of ritual to
enrich our lives.

4. The freshness of love should
have unexpected surprise, exploration of the unknown and in-depth communication
with each other.

5. Only when two people who love
each other become spiritual sustenance, can love last forever.

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