How do I overcome or move on after a breakup?

Last night, an American boy told me about
his emotional problems on my personal dating account: “he had a one night
stand with a girl I met in dating software, and her attitude towards me has
cooled down. I actually like her and want to fall in love with her. What should
I do now?”


There are roughly three ways to solve this

Many people will take the first way: she
does not take the initiative to say that she is sure of the relationship,
because I have strong self-esteem, so I don’t want to mention it. I will show
that I don’t care. I will continue to pursue her and try to improve my
feelings. I will not refuse her to have sex with me again or ask me to give her
gifts. I hope this will make her like me more and more.


What you think is beautiful. Do you know
what the girl thinks? The boy is so casual. It doesn’t matter if he has sex. He
won’t refuse to do it several times. Then I will have a relationship with her
in bed. In this case, you can no longer have the initiative.

Some people will be arrogant to choose the
second way: since her attitude is so cold, then I also reduce the enthusiasm
for her.

You are just what she wants. She breathes a
sigh of relief. She feels that you are very casual to her. Maybe you are just
lonely and want to look for a one night stand. She has no sense of guilt in her

I usually suggest the third way: send some
serious words to set a tone for this relationship and force her to express her

A lot of people think it’s so stupid and

Please, if you feel disgraced, why do you
want a one night stand? The mistake has happened and the trend is gone. The
decision you need to make is one that is beneficial to the future and more
likely to win. There’s no shame in doing this. You’re looking for your own
love. Or as if nothing happened after the passion, indirectly prove that you
are just a stupid man easy to hook?

Since she is willing to have a one night
stand with you, it shows that you still have the qualities she recognizes.
Maybe she doesn’t have much interest in you for the time being, but as long as
you continue to maintain yourself and focus on improvement, she will still have
the opportunity to like you and want to develop seriously in the future.

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