How do you develop your social abilities?

I know that many people are actually eager
to communicate with others and make friends, but they are always afraid of
being rejected by others, and that their communication with others can not meet
their psychological expectations.

This fear, in the final analysis, stems
from inferiority.

In fact, in the process of interpersonal
communication, everyone more or less has expectations, more or less will be
afraid, hope to get good results, will inevitably be disappointed, will be

Most of the time, the more you care, the
more likely you are to think too much and think too much. All kinds of negative
emotions follow, and you begin to worry before you take action. Once self
denial occurs, you can’t take the first step forward.

It’s a great sense to have good

Then, you need to give yourself positive
psychological hints that you can make a lot of friends through your efforts. At
this moment, you may be out of control of some negative thoughts in your mind,
ignore them, or forcefully say to them: “nothing can hinder my willingness
to make friends.”.

Making friends requires both emotion and
rationality. Don’t think of social interaction as a burden, but turn it into a
kind of enjoyment and make it easy You need to be clear that even if there is a
problem in the social process, it is not a matter of depression. Feelings are
mutual, and both people are responsible for problems.

The key is to look at the essence through
the phenomenon. You can observe the relationship between the two people,
understand the problems in this relationship, and actively find ways to improve
it. As a challenge, it is not a kind of growth.

At the worst, even if the relationship
doesn’t last, what happens? You’ve accumulated valuable experience, know more
about how to behave, and be more capable of dealing with problems in
relationships next time. At the same time, you can learn some skills to shorten
the distance between people and make your interpersonal relationship more


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