How do you flirt?

Are you
alone on Valentine’s day? You are still an insulator of love and have no chance
to develop a circle of friends? Statistics show that there are about 40% of the
people, male and female friends are from the network social networking
platform, so you don’t have to worry about your loneliness.

But what do you need to pay attention to
when using dating software? If you don’t know, go ahead and look at it. After
all, all opportunities are won by hard work!

Many people want to take off the list, but
after downloading the dating software, they are stuck in introducing
themselves, which has been unable to break through. But the self introduction
of dating software is a very important part of the secret collection. How to
write the self introduction of dating software so that the ideal object can pay
attention to himself at a glance? Don’t worry, the next few key points to
master, you can write a good friend software self introduction.

one: find three key words to describe yourself

Who are you? What are your interests? What
is your personality? If you want to think of three keywords for yourself, which
three will it be? In fact, to find the ideal person, the most important first
step is to understand yourself.

If you are not sure what you like, how can
you let the other person know you? Therefore, it is a good practice to try to
find out the three key words that can accurately describe you, such as
“friendly”, “generous”, “extroverted”; “love
to laugh”, “manage money”, “be down-to-earth”.
Gradually clarifying yourself from such exercises is the first step to write a
good self introduction!

two: you must be specific in your description

I like travelling. I like food. I like
dogs. Everyone can say that! But how you write different and unique yourself
depends on concreting these vague sentences. For example, don’t stop at “I
like traveling.” instead, keep writing about where you’ve been, what
you’ve experienced that impressed you, and where you want to explore in the
future? Don’t just say “I like delicious food”, but write down
“I like Italian style and Korean style”… Is there a favorite
restaurant? These specific examples can make your potential partner know you
better and have a topic to talk to you. After concretization, the following
points can be used for reference in writing

Your past: where did you grow up? What is the background?

Your present: your career, interests, habits, etc

Your future: what are your goals? What’s your dream?

Personality: you can simplify the description by using the key words
in the first exercise

Bonus questions: quote your favorite sentences or show a sense of
humor. If you like reading books and watching movies, you can write the
sentences that affect you the most, or you usually have a sense of humor. You
can show some humor when you introduce yourself, which makes you smile. But it
is very different from person to person. The most important thing is to be

three: sincerity

It sounds like crap, but it’s real. Whether
you’re just looking for one night or looking for a long-term relationship,
sincerity is important. Don’t deceive people into looking for a partner on the
self introduction, and forget about it after the date is over; or make an
appointment only after bragging about your work or experience. Believe in
yourself, only in good faith can you find the right person. The object of
cheating will not be the real you, and the feelings will not last for a long

Well, the first lesson on how to make
friends on social networking sites ends first. I will send out online dating
tutorial later. If you want to continue learning, please pay attention to me
and check my website in time.

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