How do you get a girl to like you?

How to make a girl like you? The most important thing about chasing a girl is to make her happy. You should know her and chat with her so that you can really impress her.
1. Don’t force her
If you fall in love with a girl and tell her that she has not given you an accurate answer, please give her time. This time let her know you, let her calm down to think. Because many girls are not so active, she may not even know their own type, also may know what kind of man you are. It’s irresponsible to agree in a hurry. If you refuse it directly, you may miss a good marriage. So they need to think and calm down.

At this time, give her a few days of free time, she will feel less pressure, of course, this does not mean directly ignore her, but to maintain daily communication, do not need to ask her consent.

2. Give her space appropriately
If you like a girl, don’t be too strict with her because people are rebellious. To give her a space of her own can shorten your distance to some extent.

3. humor
Life needs color. If a boy is unhappy all day, who wants to be with you? Today’s society needs to enjoy being with a humorous person, such as someone who tells you something serious all day long. The other is the person who laughs and makes you happy every day. With such a person, you will feel very relaxed, no pressure, she naturally wants to be with such a person.

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