How do you know if someone is mature or not?

There is a line in Forrest Gump’s true story: I think
inner maturity should be a process of elimination. Know what’s important and
what’s not, and then be a simple person.


When a person’s heart is really mature, he will not
drift with the tide and be kidnapped by the voice of others. They are not only
extremely correct life, but follow the call of the heart, and live a good life.


People who are mature and powerful in their hearts
have these three manifestations:

♥More and more able to control their

♥Understand and accommodate the differences
between people, do not force others to label, do not impose their own values on

♥They care more about their own feelings
than pander to others, but they are not self-centered.


Many people will dress up very mature, girls wear high
heels, boys grow a beard, as if to make themselves look like the protagonists
and heroines in the TV series, even if they are an adult.

However, even in their 30s and 40s, many people still
talk and do things like a child. They are not decent, but are despised by
others because of the contrast between their internal and external images.


Psychology says that everyone has a desire to know
themselves. If a person’s psychology is not mature enough, there will be
deviation in self cognition. The most common performance is excessive
inferiority and arrogance.


The self-awareness mode formed in immature psychology
will make a person encounter various problems. The more you ignore and resist
accepting your immaturity, the more you will fall into a vicious circle, unable
to change the status quo.

Whether a person is mature or not has nothing to do
with his age or his education background. People can feel comfortable, can
objectively look at themselves, accept their imperfections, and self-esteem and
self love, emotional maturity, personal independence, can be regarded as a
psychological mature person.

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