How do you know someone’s true personality?

Many people will show a completely different personality after being drunk and awake. If you want to know what kind of person you are, you might as well have a drink. 
Which of the following types of drinking do you belong to?
1.  Tearful after drinking
     As long as he drinks, his heart becomes very fragile. His nose and tears flow down a lot. Any small matter will make him sad. The more he drinks, the more he is wronged, the more he cries. Sometimes it is very bad to end. It is not comforting for friends       around him.
     But this kind of person has an advantage, their mind is delicate, usually like things in the heart, in front of others is a very strong image.

     Drinking for them is a release, the heart of the backlog of unhappiness are vent out, borrow wine to express themselves. If you have such a friend around you, you must accompany him to listen to his heart and give him a hug to comfort him.

2.  Pour out after drinking
    If a person finds out to talk after drinking, it shows that her inner life is not happy. They usually don’t like to talk, but they still have their own thoughts in their hearts, just don’t like to express their feelings.
    This kind of person is easy to get along with or not easy to get along with. They don’t like to be sharp and sharp. Only under the influence of alcohol can they completely release themselves.

3.  Drunken madness
    Some people will call their ex girlfriends and ex boyfriends after they are drunk and ask them if they regret leaving them. I woke up the next day and didn’t know what was going on. In fact, those who express themselves through wine or are “Crazy” are        actually timid.
    They are the ones who tell the truth after drinking. They may be careless and heartless. In fact, there are wounds in their hearts that can’t be opened.

4.  Vomit after drinking
     Many people will vomit when they are drunk. In general, their drinking capacity is average, but they like to drink.
     Some people will vomit in the flower bed, some people will vomit in the bathroom, some people will vomit in the car, some people will directly vomit on others, which is the most unbearable. It’s oneself who vomit and others suffer.
     This kind of person is really heartbreaking. It’s possible that they are too sensible and good-natured, so they need to use alcohol to numb themselves.

5.   Sleeping after drinking
      After drinking wine, he went to bed quietly, no extra behavior, no crying, no vomiting.
      Their personality is more easygoing, usually work very calm and rational, strong sense of self-protection. They have a good ability to digest emotions, and those with a big heart are happier.
      But if you really want to get to know someone, it’s a good way to spend some time communicating with that person. After all, drinking is harmful to your health.


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