How do you know when someone really loves you?

How to know whether a person loves you or not, I would like to share a
good friend’s story. For the convenience of watching, I will tell the story of
the sweet couple in the first person.

My boyfriend and I are from the same university. We met in the tennis
club. He is tall and strong. Many girls like him. But because we often train and
play together, there is no doubt that we are fall in love.

He is a strong but gentle man. My home is a little far away, he will ride
a bike or motorcycle to pick me up to school, He only dares to wait for me at a
bus stop near my home, for fear that my father will beat him. After we fell in
love, he would come, rain or shine, with a beautiful tulip every time he came,
because he knew I loved tulips very much.

Let’s have a lesson together, and we can have hamburgers, chips, ice
cream, onion rings, Mexico rolls and so on. We will walk together in the big
plane of the Indus trees like many young couples in the sunset.

He will prepare a lot of thoughtful small gifts for my birthday. He will
run to several supermarkets to buy cherries for my sudden craving for cherries.
He will gently touch my hair when I am sick, so that I don’t be afraid.

Sometimes we would go to a horror movie, and then he would be scared to
close his eyes and I would laugh. We’ll go on Ferris wheel together, even
though he’s afraid of heights.

By the way, we also adopted a stray dog. After discussion, we decided to
call her Meimei.

After graduation, we are still together, of course, we will quarrel, but
he is very accommodating to me every time, even if I am wrong, he will make me
happy. The dog still lives with us. He still gives me a
tulip every day and a lemonade in the morning.

Yes, we live together because we are married!!!!!!! Although the life is
plain now, I know he really loves me.

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