How many of the 12 obsessions about marriage mistakes do you have?

In 1986, the psychologists Bornstein and
his wife conducted a study on the theme of “faith in love”.

Here are 12 ideas. Think about what you
agree with and what you disagree with.

1.Our love will never change

2.My lover should be able to anticipate my
thoughts, feelings and needs

3.No matter what I do, my lover will never
hurt me or fight back angrily

4.If you really love me, you should always
try to make me happy

5.Love means never being angry or upset

6.Love means that two people always want to
be together

7.After marriage, the interests, hobbies
and values of both parties will be consistent with those before marriage

8.Love should always be open and honest to

9.No matter what I do, you should always
respect, understand and accept me

10.Love will not embarrass me or criticize

11.Our emotional temperature will never

12.We should be consistent in everything

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Even when two people fall in love, they
still feel angry and want to quarrel, and even the best love experiences wear
and tear all the time.

This is because love is not what we think
is sacred and without regrets.

So which of the above 12 points of view do
you think are right and which are wrong? Please leave your answer in the
comments section!

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