How to use your humor to chat with girls to attract their attention?

I believe
that everyone will have this puzzle: why pay so much in silence, when chatting
with each other with sincerity, but girls can not feel my sincerity to her?

I know
that every boy really pays for the girl he likes, and chatting is also out of
real feelings.But the first thing we need to understand is that if you can’t
express yourself in the right way, you can’t feel your sincerity.

people will ask, “speaking, chatting, expressing, that’s what we do every

Yes, but
why is such a thing that is easy to say and easy to do, but the effect is not
satisfactory? It takes skill to chat. Most of the ambiguous and romantic
relationships end up in vain, not because there is no common hobby, but because
both parties can’t communicate and express themselves.

Let’s go
through the chat records to see if you have such problems:

always does not take the initiative, reply coldly;

It’s not
easy to chat more interesting, but often say the wrong words, which makes the
scene very embarrassing;

There is
no common topic, you are always talking alone;

Every day
is very insipid, she did not surprise, but did not refuse

And many
people will fall into a misunderstanding that as long as they insist on being
good to another person, she will eventually be moved.

But you
will find that after doing so many good things, yes, you moved yourself, but
what about girls? She will send you a good person card and say, “you are a
good person, but we are not suitable.”

It’s not
because the girls are indifferent, you are not excellent, you are not handsome
enough, but because you don’t know how to show yourself to girls when you are
together and you won’t arouse girls’ emotions through chatting.

In fact,
if you want to change all this, it is very simple. Pay attention to the
following three points:

1. Know
what behaviors make girls feel bored, Suggestions for reference what are some things that you should never do
in a relationship?

Understand the correct love process, attract the logic of girls

3. Master
some simple humorous conversation skills

I’ll focus on the third point of humorous conversation, if you are interested
in the above three points.

attract a girl, the most simple and universal way, the best way to show men’s
wisdom is humor.

What is

answers are unexpected. Even if the conversation initiated by the other party
may not be friendly at the beginning, you can easily resolve it and lead the
atmosphere of the dialogue to rise gradually. This is the power of humor!

And in
the process, you give the other person a powerful explanation:

1) You’re

2) You’re

3) You
have a high Eq

4) It
will be nice to get along with you

Each of
these points can make a girl immediately feel like you.

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people you like?

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