How would you define love?

When you miss a person all the time, do not
meet him will miss him, see him and other boys or girls talk will be sad, and
when you are together there are endless words, there are a lot of things to do,
you are always very happy, even if there is an argument will be soon
reconciled, that is love.

He’ll take pictures of me while I’m sleeping. And there are a lot of photos of me that I don’t think are good in my mobile phone. Probably in his heart, no matter what I am, I am lovely.

We’ll get up in the morning and brush our teeth together.

He will cook me a lot of delicious food because I can’t cook.

After work, we will discuss work together, and we will not do our own things and ignore each other.

We are always full of joy when we are together.

We always accompany each other.

I think this is love.

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