If you can give me only one secret to improve myself, what would it be?

Learn energy management

Medical research has found that the energy level of adults decreases year by year after the age of 30, but the requirements of career, family and individual are increasing. In order to improve ourselves, we must first carry out self energy management. Our goal is not to extend the 16 hours of work, but more importantly, our state in the middle of these 16 hours.
We need a lot of energy to improve ourselves, and the management of energy needs us to continue our energy. Therefore, the management of energy is particularly important.
The model of energy management is pyramid style: physical, emotional, attention, sense of meaning.
Good energy = plenty of physical energy + positive emotions + attention that can be gathered at any time + a clear sense of meaning.
So how to manage energy? Try it with the following sharing.

30 minutes after getting up in the morning, you will do seven things:

1. After I open my eyes, I do some simple activities in bed, such as rubbing my face with my hands, combing my hair, and simply stretching. When I do this, I will use my brain to recall what kind of dream I had last night, because when I dream, our subconscious is working;
2. After getting up, I will send a minute to tidy up my bed, implying that I have successfully done my opinion thing in the morning, and I will come to work and study very neatly every day;
3. Drink a large cup of warm water, about 600 ml, equivalent to a whole bottle of mineral water;

4. I will brush my teeth with the hand I don’t usually use. At the same time, I will brush with two legs and one foot;
5. On the mobile phone, write down the three most important goals today, and imagine in your brain the kind of happiness after the completion of these three goals;

These things will take about half an hour.
On the way to work, I will recall in my mind and remind myself of the three most important things today. And carefully plan the process of these three things. Generally, I walk to my office and immediately start to do these three things. I don’t open email to do many passive replies.
The most important thing is to take a break from 5 minutes to 45 minutes later. At lunch time, the order of eating is usually to eat a lot of vegetables, then meat protein, and finally, if you are not full, eat a little carbohydrate.
In the afternoon between work, open my wonderful list to review what I can cross off and what I need to arrange. Before I leave work, I will think about what I didn’t do well this morning, and whether I would like to come back in the evening and continue to do it the next day.
If you persist in this way, you will find that you will have a lot of energy at work.

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