If you can give me only one tip to improve my life, what would it be?

Although it is a
black cow, the milk is white as well.

Jane is a little
girl who always lowers her head. She always thinks she is not beautiful enough.
One day, she went to the jewelry store and bought a green bow. The shopkeeper
kept praising her for her beautiful bow. Although Jennie didn’t believe it, she
was very happy. She raised her head and was eager to let everyone have a look.
She didn’t care if she ran into someone outside. Jennie came into the classroom
and met her teacher. “Jennie, you look so beautiful with your head
up!” The teacher patted her on the shoulder fondly.


On that day, she
was praised by many people. She thought it must be due to the bow. But when she
looked in the mirror, there was no bow on her head. She must have lost it when
she was out of the jewelry store. Confidence is originally a kind of beauty,
but many people lose a lot of happiness because they care too much about their

Whether it is poor
or rich, whether it is beautiful and handsome, or ordinary, as long as you hold
up your head, happiness will make you lovely – the kind of lovely that everyone

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