In a relationship, what things don’t girls do?

1. Don’t believe in sweet talk. It’s all the details that really treat you.
2. Don’t always talk about breaking up, people are limited, so always say break up, maybe one day break up.
3. Don’t love too much, leave space for each other, love can survive.
4. Don’t rely on each other too much. In this world, you can only rely on yourself.
5. Don’t avoid problems. Communicate in time. Communication can solve most problems in love.
6. Don’t have a cold war. If you have any doubts in your mind or you have problems that you can’t think of, just speak up.
7. Don’t be stereotyped. Men like new things, reading, sports, traveling To have fresh blood infused all the time.
8. Don’t be too suspicious. Most of your feelings die of distrust. Love needs a certain degree of trust, full of suspicion of love is not long.
9. Don’t take too much. Any emotion should be balanced.

10. There is a little boy in the heart of the boys, so we should protect him.

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