Losers make friends online? Do you really know the truth about making friends online?

Is the Internet full of cheaters? Only loser will degenerate into online dating? Self exposed photos must be unreliable? No, that’s not the case.

Online daters are not losers

Contrary to the stereotype of online dating, there is little evidence that online dating is the last resort used by unsociable geeks. The study found that, on the contrary, online daters may be more sociable, have stronger self-esteem, and have lower anxiety when dating. There’s no evidence that the reason people date online is that they don’t have the ability to communicate face to face with people around them. Online dating is just a way to meet new friends.

There are many motivations for people to start dating online. There is usually a trigger event, such as lovelorn. But generally speaking, people’s motivation is more social than personal reasons. People use online dating not because they are shy, but because they have moved to a new city, work too long, or don’t have time to meet new friends.

Online daters lie (but only slightly)

Although 94% of people deny that their online dating homepages contain some harmless lies, psychologists suspect they are. So the researchers measured the height and weight of 80 Internet dating people and checked their driver’s license to confirm their true age. When comparing the data with their home page, they found that 90% of people lied on at least one of the measured data, but only to a small extent. The most frequent liars were weight, which adjusted the weight by an average of 5%, and the date was more honest about their age (1.5% deviation) and height (1.1% deviation). As expected, women tend to lose weight a little, while men increase in height.

These lies don’t matter in the real world, because most harmless lies are hard to verify from one person. Most online daters want to meet each other in the end, and they know that if they lie too much, they will show up.

Photo fallacy

“Cameras never lie” is nonsense. Even if you don’t need PS to remove wrinkles, camera angle and lighting can easily change your attractiveness in other people’s eyes. People are instinctively aware of this when they choose their home page photos.

Toma and Hancock of Cornell University have taken photos of online dating people and compared them with their home page photos. The results showed that although less attractive people were more likely to choose beautified photos, the overall difference was not significant. The photos taken in the experiment were only a little less attractive than the ones on their online dating home page (about 5% for women and 4% for men).

Your best image

What kind of home page photos work? In 2010, a dating website analyzed 7000 photos in its database and got the following results——
When women’s eyes look at the camera and they look provocative, their response rate is higher. On the contrary, the most unsuccessful picture is one who has a provocative face and turns it to one side.
The best image of a man is to turn his face away and not smile. But men should avoid making their faces provocative, otherwise the probability of receiving private messages will be greatly reduced.

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The first personal message should be kept short

Getting a response online can be said to be a chance. Oktrends, a dating site, estimated response rates in 2009 by analyzing more than 500000 initial messages sent by members. Among the messages sent by men to women, the response rate of female recipients was only 30%, while that of messages sent by women to men was 45%. The percentage that eventually led to longer conversations was lower (about 20% and 30%, respectively).

A 2008 study by Rosen et al. Of the Department of psychology at California State University showed that part of the reason for this one-third response rate is that many online dating accounts are no longer in use. Read more:How do you

Okrends also found that longer private letters only slightly increased men’s response rates, while women’s were completely useless. So don’t waste your time writing long speeches. Say hello and let the other person come to see your home page.

Emotional people are more attractive

Or the previous study by Rosen and others on online dating. They found that the stronger the mood, the better the impression, such as using words like “excited” and “wonderful.”.
The study also took into account the effects of self exposure. Although the results were quite different, people generally preferred people with relatively low levels of self exposure.

After screening, 51% will meet

Many (but not all) online daters aim to meet new friends. A survey found that 51% of 759 online dating people had a face-to-face date within one week to one month after receiving a reply.
Online daters often see their first face-to-face date as the last hurdle in selecting the right person – is this the guy they claim to be? If so, is there any chemical reaction between us? Only after this stage can people really understand each other. Of course, through this stage, you almost find your soul mate, which is a successful online dating. After all, the purpose of your casualty dating was not to find your own unique one night stand or expand the scope?
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