What 10 things can I do now to have a better life?

As an adult who claims to be able to think
independently most of the time, I listen to and learn a lot of suggestions that
can make my life better. Therefore, after comparison and thinking, combined
with the current situation of life, I have selected some of the tips that claim
to be able to “make life better” and practice them for a period of

Now let’s talk about what they’ve done to

1. make the bed

A messy bed is not desirable, either from the visual
experience or from the aspect of sanitation and cleanliness. In the past, I
used to pull the quilt casually, which was not very messy, but also had a
distance with tidiness. If someone wants to be a guest at home, they will
quickly sort out the edges and corners to create a beautiful and warm scene

Now, every time I get up, the first thing I try to insist
on is to open the sheet at least half of the air, and then spread it all over
the place. The next day I take up the pillow and shake it, pat it and put it
away. Try not to pile clothes on the bed, and open the window to ventilate
before going to bed at night.

Stick to it, it’s not difficult to feel it. If you form a
habit, it will help you feel good about yourself.

2. Drink plenty of water

I don’t need to say much about it. In fact, everyone knows
it. Although we hate that every time we feel sick, friends (especially male and
female friends), family members and even doctors will say to you: drink more

The question is, how to drink more water?

I have found out a few useful methods for me:

Don’t be in a hurry to skip the advertising time when watching drama
and variety shows. Advertising time is the time to drink water.

Keep the glass handy, fill it with water at any time and cover it.
As long as you see it, take a drink.

Every time you go to the bathroom or wash your hands, go and have a

Drink a few mouthfuls before dinner.

During this period of time, my water intake is fully up to the adult
daily intake standard during the day, so I usually don’t drink a lot of water
at night.

3. Insist on reading

God knows that I buy a lot of books for myself every year,
and then make a plan to finish reading x books this year. Every time, every
time, it will die. With the mentality of “I don’t know if it will succeed
this time”, I also put this into the practice plan. As far as the current
situation is concerned, I have accomplished more than I expected.

I have to thank you for the next point. In a word, reading
more and drinking more water are the nourishment for people. This morning, when
she chatted with her friends about this point, she also thought it was right.
She also gave me suggestions on topic reading, and said to make a list of
recommended books for me. Well, I haven’t read the book yet, but I feel better.
I hope self affirmation and satisfaction will bring me more strength to

4. Plan for the next day

In practice, I combined the suggestions of several friends,
and finally adopted the method: make a list of the things to be done the next
day before going to bed on the first day, and arrange them from difficult to
easy according to the degree of not wanting to do them. The next day in turn to
complete, the time after the toss.

The end of
the day’s work

      Get ready for the
next day

Reading for
an hour


wash clothes

      bedtime reading

won’t admit that for a while, the top one on the list has been – work.

     From a more
scientific point of view, it may be because after a night’s rest, people’s
energy in the morning is more vigorous, their emotions are more single, and
their attention is easier to concentrate. Even if they do the things they least
want to do, the will feel more relaxed and will indeed become more positive in
their mentality.

5. Reconciliation with food

What I hate to admit is that I have emotional eating
disorders. Going back, it’s probably from college. Sometimes I’m not satisfied
with my work and family because I’m not satisfied with my work and family.

It’s not hard to understand this. After all, food is easy
to get, and it’s much easier to balance your emotional problems than to run a
few kilometers.

All along, I have been wandering between the two extremes
of too much and too little. I have never considered and tried, and there is an
appropriate degree between them. Learn to reconcile with food to break the
relationship between food and emotion, food and exercise.

In the past, I always asked myself not to eat a lot of
things. As long as I decided to lose weight, I would only eat the low-fat and
boring healthy food made by myself.

Do I like them? not.

It’s just because I think it can lose weight and be
healthier, so I eat it. And ice cream, roasted fairy grass, chocolate and spicy
chicken feet are actually more attractive to me. When such restraint continues
to a certain extent, my insistence will collapse. And then came the frenzied
counterattack of my repressed desires. Next, I’ll be in another state: whatever.

So now I don’t judge strictly whether my appetite at a
certain moment comes from greedy, from hunger, or from catharsis. I just told
myself, as long as you want to eat anything at any time is allowed, so there is
no need to eat hard enough. When the brain realizes and gets used to the fact
that its desire for food can be satisfied at any time and no longer needs to be
repressed, it also makes concessions.

There are so many wonderful people in the world, not because they are excellent, but because they can work hard to understand and change their attitude towards life, which is worth appreciating.

As far as the nature of life is concerned, there is no ultimate answer. Because they are different people, they are destined to lead a different life. As for our life experience, it can not be used as a direct reference for others. I hope to get to know myself slowly and try more possibilities even though I’m frustrated and repeated.

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