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Last weekend, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second female justice in the history of the supreme law of the United States, died at the age of 87 in the company of relatives. 

Justice Ginsberg, in the eyes of some people, has always been a “bad critic”. Wiles called her “the most despicable human being”; savage saw her as a “witch! scoundrel! Witch Head! Trump is her number one black powder and often tweets and scolds her, “did she get shot in the head? What a shame to the supreme court.
But it is also because of this that he will always challenge the Convention and openly oppose gender / race / sexuality discrimination. With her infamous “I dissent” speech, she became a superhero in the eyes of countless young people in her 80s. 
At the age of 87, Ginsberg is famous all over the world and has numerous fans?
Why did she let the white house fly the flag at half mast to mourn her death?
American female judge Ginsberg passed away. Why does sadness spread to the whole world?
In 1970, Ginsberg and like-minded allies co founded the women’s rights law, the first legal magazine on women’s rights in the United States. She also actively participated in the activities of the American Civil Rights Union (ACLU) and became the first president of the ACLU women’s rights program the following year. She believes that if we want to change the status of women, we must start from the law and strive for the protection of the law. So she began to deal with cases of sex discrimination, and slowly leveled the balance of the law.
She let countless women who suffered from different treatment because of their “gender is female” to take back their own rights and interests. In 1993, she was nominated by US President Bill Clinton and became the second female justice to enter the Supreme Court of the United States.

It is not the purpose to be a Supreme Court justice, but to promote the cause of equality between men and women by using their authority. “I’m here today because many of the men and women who fought before me fought for the dream of gender equality,” she said. 
Ginsberg overthrew the conventions one by one, but there were a large number of gender discrimination bills. He continued to strive for issues such as unequal pay for women’s equal work, women’s inability to attend boys’ schools, support for women’s autonomous abortion, support for racial equality, and support for LGBT.
In 1993, when Ginsberg accepted his seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, Ginsberg said, “I pray that I can reach the level that a mother would have achieved if she lived in an age when a woman could do as much as a man, and a daughter could be valued as much as a son. In a way, she did.
With their own efforts, the women headed by Ginsberg have strived for as much equality as possible for American women and broadened their right of independent choice and space. She has changed the United States and even the world by her own efforts, and she is worthy of the name of “superhero”.
On the day of her death, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted a memorial: “justice Ginsberg paved the way for many women, including me. There will be no one like her again. Thank you

This is why, after the news of Ginsberg’s death, countless people spontaneously came to the United States Supreme Court from all walks of life, holding flowers and lighting candlelight to deeply mourn the legendary female justice.

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