What are 5 habits that can destroy my life?

1. Stay up late

With the rapid development of the city,
people’s pace of life has become faster. Young people in their early twenties
are the backbone of this society. They are always running for life. The high
pressure of work and the pressure of loans will make them have to work hard. It
seems that staying up late has become our daily life.


According to a related report, “99% of
young people have the habit of staying up late.” middle school students
stay up late to do homework, college students stay up late to write papers, and
young people after work stay up late to work overtime. It seems that eight
hours of sleep a day has become the luxury of many people, many people even
sleep only six hours or even five hours a day. For a long time, it will lead to
a variety of physical problems. Last year alone, there were more than dozens of
sudden deaths from staying up late.


2. Get used to
taking out

In addition to staying up late, young
people will have the habit of eating takeout. Eating too much takeout will not
do less harm to health than staying up late. Because of the

living habits of young people, few people
can cook their own meals. For convenience, takeout has become the first choice
of young people’s diet. It has a great impact on the health of the liver and


3.Don’t go to
bed without taking off your make-up

Cosmetics will hinder the skin’s breathing
and cause acne. If you don’t often change the pillow towel, those residual
cosmetics will hurt the skin again.


4. Don’t take a
long hot bath

Too long a hot bath will not only make your
skin red, but also dry. Also do not use the nozzle directly on the face, as it
will make the pores become rough.


5. Coffee on an
empty stomach

Many people have the habit of getting up
and drinking coffee directly. But this habit really hurts our stomachs, because
drinking coffee on an empty stomach stimulates the stomach to secrete more
acid. Excessive gastric acid can damage the stomach, affect the absorption and
digestion of the stomach, and even lead to gastric ulcer.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can
affect gastrointestinal function, which may lead to dizziness, fatigue or
palpitations, nausea and discomfort. Therefore, for stimulating coffee drinks,
it is best not to drink on an empty stomach, especially for patients with
duodenal ulcer, it is better not to drink coffee on an empty stomach.

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