What are a few bitter truths of life?

1. Interest is not the best teacher, but anger, shame, jealousy, fear are.
2. Any accident can destroy the wealth accumulated by an ordinary person for decades.
3. Life doesn’t matter how hard you try, it only focuses on how much value you can create.
4. The essence of marriage is not only love, but also tolerance, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and weighing advantages and disadvantages.
5. There is no such thing as disappointment in the world. There is only a wrong judgment in advance.
6. Most of the time what you see is not true, but people would rather believe in the eyes than in the brain.
7. Life is not what you want. A lot of things can be achieved through hard work, and there are many things that can’t be achieved through hard work. Nine out of ten people are unhappy.
8. You think you can’t do well without interest, but you don’t deserve to be interested if you don’t do well. What I can do better and better is my interest.
9. It’s hard for ugly people to find love. It’s very difficult. Because ugly people like beautiful people, but they are not worthy of such people.
10.What is difficult to do and what should be done is often the same thing. As long as it is meaningful, it is not easy to do it.
11.Most people are full of energy at night and want to change. When they get up the next day, they still repeat the work they did yesterday without taking action.

12.What people like most is not the reality and the truth, but the content that can make them masturbate.

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