What are some amazing pictures?

1. In 10 years, my dog began to fade?

2. Two years ago in Ireland, a brick with edges and corners smoothed by waves.

3. This Doberman looks more real after it rusts.

4. My dog likes to go for a ride here and wear the paint off the door

5. Did not expect, this is a rusty iron chain, like wood?

6. My dog runs circles in the garden according to the same route every day, which runs a track.

7. The stone on the Italian castle has a history of 700 years. The traces of these raindrops can tell you what “dripping water wears away the stone”.

8. The carpet was almost out of sight.

9. After that, it looks like rock and roll.

10. My dad showed me his first car. It’s been 40 years now, well, at least it’s still there.

11. The sign says “no invasion”, but it’s wrapped up in trees.

12. This door has been knocked by the doorbell on the doorframe for 50 years.

13. The pigment water drips down and freezes into a color ice cone.

14. Time is the best thief.

15. This is the wall of a factory in Detroit. It feels like there are countless layers of paint.

16. The shoes have shrunk in the window for three months.

17. This is the best rust I’ve ever seen.

18. The stone steps of Turkey’s National Park.

19. The statue of Juliet in Munich has no rust on the right breast.

20. The tree is devouring the fence.

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