What are some effective ways to flirt?

In the
process of pursuing girls, flirting is necessary. However, if you are not good
at flirting, it will be no different from playing rogue. Girls will be labeled
with various adjectives such as obscene and dirty.

Today I will
teach you how to flirt without being rejected by your sister.

First of
all, we must understand that flirting can not only rely on language, it should
be a perfect combination of body language and oral language. The way to
flirt is to have some “sexual suggestion and romantic tease”.

Method 1: make fun of all kinds of hints and

The easiest
way to do this is to suggest that you’re together.

For example:

Man: we all
like to have a dog. We can have one together in the future~

Woman: one

Man: Well,
I’m responsible for walking the dog at night, and you’re responsible for
walking the dog in the morning~

Woman: I
can’t get up in the morning. You can do it in the morning, ha ha

Man: OK,
baby, we will take care of it~

This kind of
dialogue can connect you and her closely. Girls will fantasize about the
pictures that will be with you in the future. They will also expect your sweet
confession. Naturally, your relationship will be more ambiguous.

Method 2: Sexual tension

Many boys
think that sexual tension is to talk to girls about sex. In fact, it is not.
Sexual tension is an emotion, which is more private than sexual topics, and can
also arouse girls’ emotions.

For example:

Boy: I think
your lips are so sexy. I don’t know what it feels like to kiss them?

Girl: I’ve
just rubbed lipstick on my lips.

Boy: Well,
that should have a little sweetness~


Because the
boy said her lips were sexy, but he didn’t kiss her directly. This sentence
gave the girl a feeling of being close to kissing. She would be unconsciously
shy and excited.

Or you meet
her after contact, look at her, look at her with appreciative eyes, and say to
her: you dress really sexy today, let me have a kind of inexplicable

At this
time, a girl may show a shy expression, or she may roll her eyes at you

Such a
dialogue will let the girl feel if there is no sexual tension, while mobilizing
her emotions.

You know,
what really makes a girl’s heart beat is not a set of gorgeous words, but that
you know how to tease her.

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