What are some examples of bad design?

1.This is where I broke my leg.

2.This slide, with some spikes underneath, is the perfect trap

3.Is this bin serious?

4.The menu of this restaurant I think it’s not far from bankruptcy.

5.Muggles can’t see the exit of the fire elevator

6.ha-ha! The designer thinks I can go through the wall!!!!

7.Every time the fan is turned on / off, it costs a finger.

8.The design of this carpet is like crawling with ants……

9.This pair of jeans costs 168 dollars.

10. Isn’t it unnecessary to install these glasses?

11.Braille on the handlebar, very humanized!

12.Do not separate legs when sliding down!

13.So, what is the purpose and use of this sun visor?

14.If this moves, it will be a miracle!

15.What the hell is this???

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