What are some examples of human cruelty?

1.If you’re a pet dog, you’re chained.

2.If the head and human body are hung on the wall as ornaments.

3.When human flesh is bought from the supermarket by animals.

4.How humans evolved into orangutans.

5.When you are forced to take pictures by dolphins.

6.When all kinds of human food are selected by animals.

7.When human feet are used as jewelry by rabbits.

8.When you’re made into a brand-name bag.

9.When you’re caught by cats.

10.When you are kept in a cage by a pig.

11.When you’re being tested by mice.

12.When you are captured by a lion, the lion also takes photos with pride.

13.Humans can cut rhinoceros horns. If the characters change, cut your nose.

14.When you’re caught by a shark.

The same scene, just the exchange of identities
Do you think it’s cruel?

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