What are some first date tips?

A first date must be very exciting for anyone, but it’s also mind racking. So, what should you pay attention to on your first date?
1.       Put on clothes that make you beautiful. Improper dress on a first date often affects the quality of your date. The key is wearing confidence! Even if the old-fashioned little black dress, as long as it can make you feel confident and comfortable, wear it!
2.       Pay attention to politeness and detail. Everyone likes people who are polite, and it’s the same with dating. Sometimes we ignore some small details, such as forgetting to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to others, although it is only a small matter. If you want to make a good impression, please keep your manners.
3.       Give full play to your personality. This is the important point. Being yourself is an important opportunity for you to show him who you are and the most important part of dating, so that he can see the brilliance of your personality as an individual.
4.       The right place to date. When it comes to where your first date is, of course, it is in a place where you feel comfortable. You can choose to meet in a place where you feel open and safe, because the first date, no matter who you are with, safety comes first.
5.       About dinner on a date. On a first date, many girls just eat a salad to make a good impression, which is totally unnecessary. Unless, of course, you really like salad yourself. Just order what you like, because there’s nothing sexier than releasing yourself without reservation in front of a blind date. 
6.       Listen to your inner feelings. Be honest with your feelings on your first date. It’s not just for yourself, it’s for your date. If you think this is the best date you’ve ever had, tell them! If you’re still playing cool or posing high, you’re really wrong! It is always right and most sincere to listen to your heart.

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