What are some mind-blowing facts about food?

Almost none of the food we eat today exists in nature.
Take this carrot, for example. Yes, this is a carrot. In fact, it’s a crazy species, probably very close to what the ancient Persians had in BC. The carrot is bitter, dry and woody, and its roots provide just the right amount of nutrients to keep things from getting worse.
Nature provides the prototype, but man forms the final product.
Early carrots grew for leaves and seeds, just like their relatives dill and fennel. But somewhere along this line, some people think it’s more interesting to chew on its roots.
For other carrots, the Carrot looks as natural as a villain.
But carrots are not the only plants that can grow. The transformation from wild corn to modern corn is even more shocking.

However, terrible deformity is not the only condition we give vegetarians. Bananas and watermelons in the world are proof of this.

Seedless melons actually have no reason to exist. It violates the first rule of life: procreation. Because it does not have the ability of self reproduction, this is not in line with the laws of biological evolution and nature. Human beings take it as a kind of food to control its reproduction and growth, and its fate is completely subject to the fate of mankind. It’s the same with bananas.
Animals are not immune to this ergonomics. Cattle are very important to our modern society, whether it’s meat, labor or milk. But few people know that the wild ancestor of all modern cattle, the Auroch, has been virtually extinct. But its domesticated offspring continue to survive, forever connected to humans.
Pigs are another example. The pigs in the middle ages of Europe were wild boars. They were black and slim, which was conducive to their hunting and escape. But we also tamed a group of pigs, changed their habits of living in the jungle, and became a delicacy on our table.
In a sense, our food exists because of our existence.

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