What are some of the best moments of humanity?

District 60, a new area of a cemetery in
Washington, is the last resting place for hundreds of American soldiers who
died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mary McHugh mourned for her lost fiance, Sergeant
James Reagan.

A look at each other on the street for
nearly a hundred years, and their lives are very similar today. Life is like a
circle, which starts again and again. When it comes to the end, it is close to
the beginning.

The old grandfather is pushing the dog in a
wheelchair for a walk. It turns out that the dog is old and can’t walk any
more, so I specially prepare a wheelchair and take the dog out for relaxation
every day. Even if I walk slowly, I still want to show you the outside world.

The netizens in Shanxi, China, sun out a
photo, warm cry everyone. That day, he went to pick up things in his car and
saw the sanitation worker dozing on the trunk of his car. Before seeing others
send similar photos, but today it happened to him. At this time, he chose to
wait without hesitation.

After a passenger in a wheelchair got on
the bus, the wheelchair moved with the inertia of the subway. A young man
naturally grasped the wheel hub and fixed it with his foot under the wheel.
After several stops, his hand was not loose

The heart transplant was carried out for 23
hours after the heart surgeon and his patient. In the lower right corner, his
assistant is asleep in the corner.

A boy was rescued from the death camp,
leaving a scar, painful will be the past, a new life is about to start.

Drunk father and his son, in your most
difficult time, there are still people who will not leave you.

The couple nestled in the ruins of the
collapsed factory.

Some parents are 70 years old and still
looking for their lost children.

These photos are largely
Explain our present
Our pain and our victory
Our perseverance and failure
Our sympathy and hatred
Our wisdom and stupidity
Whether it’s happy or sad
They all remind us
Use a little more love, tolerance, compassion and understanding
Treat the world.

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