What are some psychological facts about attraction?

management is also called self presentation

People tend to show themselves in an image
that is consistent with the current interpersonal background, so as to ensure
that others can make a happy evaluation of themselves.

Therefore, knowing our own image in the
hearts of others and creating a positive image that is beneficial to us will
help us successfully communicate with others.

So, social interaction is a drama, everyone
is playing a certain role.

exposure effect is that we prefer things we are familiar with

Research on interpersonal attractiveness
shows that the more we see someone, the more likable and pleasant they are.

If you observe carefully, you will find
that those who are popular tend to give full play to the “exposure
effect”. They are good at creating opportunities for contact between the
two sides, so as to enhance their familiarity with each other and produce
stronger attraction to each other.

compensation effect means that people generally like those who like themselves

Because other people like it, it will
enhance the self recognition of the loved one and deepen the good feeling
towards him or her.

anxiety. Generally speaking, people can’t stand the bad evaluation of
themselves by others, because this kind of evaluation is the negation of self,
which leads to anxiety

We often have anxiety in front of people
who have good feelings. We are eager to show the truth, but also fear that it
will scare away each other. Fear of exposing yourself, especially the
vulnerable side of yourself, and the other side’s evaluation after exposure.

But the things we worry about are so
insignificant in essence. When you think about the past more deeply, you will
find that the original panic is just a magic barrier, and even laugh at your
cowardice at that time.

If the other side doesn’t like my reality,
we won’t be long-term after all. It’s better to show your true self and let the
right people come into us.

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