What are some psychological facts about love?

1. The one who cried with you in
your pain will never leave you.

2. When you hold the hand of
someone you love, it can relieve mental and physical pain.

3. Sometimes love can be
addictive. If so, it’s best to ask for it as soon as possible.

4. Sometimes love reduces vision.
They tend to understand only what they explain or imagine.

5. A talkative girl and a silent
boy are the best companions.

6. People who love other opposite
personalities will last longer than similar people.

7. Most of the time, boys fall in
love at first sight. But if a girl does that, believe me, no one can love you
more than she does.

8. Most people can’t make eye
contact with the object they love.

9. A relationship should last more
than four months to become a true love story.

10. People say that trust is very
important in a relationship. However, this is a wrong concept, time is the most
important. Over time, trust and love grow together.

11. Love is a choice. This is when
attraction and desire disappear. These decisions will not be based on your
long-term experience, if they are not mature enough.

12. When women are attracted to men
and fall in love, their own insecurity increases because the three brains in
our minds begin to interact.

13. Sex is very powerful. The more
sex a couple has, the more chemicals they can combine with each other.

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