What are some psychological tricks that are not only useful but also highly profitable?

1. Keeping a clean appearance will make you look more credible, and people will subconsciously trust people with a good appearance.
2. People are angry about something for only 12 seconds, after this period of time, people will return to the past calm. Unfortunately, most people will be controlled by the 12s, saying or doing things they regret.
3. A person’s appearance can reveal a lot of information. Body management is not much lazy, including chest humpback is not confident, clothing can see character, jewelry can see hobbies, emotional ups and downs hidden in the voice.
4. At a party, if you want to know if someone is secretly following you, you can pretend to yawn. If she is looking at you, she will also yawn with you unconsciously.
5. When you are expressing your opinion, you can nod slightly and send some positive signals to others. They will unknowingly assimilate into your consciousness and generate ideas that agree with you.
6. The success rate of signing contracts and discussing cooperation in restaurants is higher. Because it is easy for people to get satisfaction when eating and can put down their guard. It’s also good for the people you eat with, making it easy to negotiate.
7. More recognition of others’ excellence will indirectly improve self-awareness, thus enhancing happiness. It’s also true to like the answer, because you show kindness to the person who answers the question, and that kindness will make you happy.
8. When a person tells a lie, he will be used to expressing surprise, and then he will completely repeat the other party’s question before answering it. This is because they have to use this time to quickly make up a lie in their mind.
9. Repeat what the other person said appropriately in the conversation, let the other party feel that you are listening carefully, and increase the mutual affection.
10.The more you want to change a person’s shortcomings, the less you should not scold him for this reason

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