What are some really interesting trivia?

It happened to my 17-year-old nephew. His basin friend is about to have a birthday, he has been struggling with what gift to give to his friend. Then he decided to draw a picture for his friend. After painting, there is still a lot of paint left. My nephew should be really bored. If there is nothing to do, he would like to use the remaining paint DIY mobile phone shell.

This mobile phone shell is nephew take home old mobile phone case DIY, the effect seems to be good. Then he drew a new shell for his mother.

Then he showed his new mobile phone shell made by himself to his classmates. His classmates also liked it. Then my nephew drew a new mobile phone shell for his classmates.

Last week, I went to his home, and the enthusiastic boy even changed my mobile phone case with new clothes. 

Maybe it’s not a great thing, but I think it’s good to do something interesting at home.

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