What are some secret things that women will never tell men?

1.       Women never tell men their true emotional experiences
Women will never let men know that their emotional experience is very rich, because it will show their private life will be very rich. So women usually tell their boyfriends or suitors that they have only talked about one or three relationships. This is actually the biggest lie of women.
2.       Women like to compare with others
In fact, women’s needs come from comparison. Originally, a girl without a boyfriend may not feel lonely, but her friends are sharing their happiness, so her emotional needs will be amplified, and women will focus on the emotional level.
3.       About the love of beauty
Women always think that they are not beautiful enough, even if you tell her thousands of times, she is the princess in your mind, is your only. She still often feels insecure. Beauty is a woman’s nature. Women like to compare their looks with other women. They always feel that they are not beautiful enough. They lack the sense of security to maintain their status, so they lose confidence. Especially the older women, for the decline of youth face is more panic.
4.       About anger
In fact, when a small matter reaches the critical point, most of the women will not be upset when they are upset. There is no love for no reason, and no hatred for no reason. She suddenly loses control of her emotions. She suddenly wants to divorce you. It is not a sudden rise, but a real heartbreak.

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