What are some things that make you sad?

Life is only once, life can’t be repeated. If you live, you can enjoy everything in the world. When you die, everything in the world becomes void. Therefore, you can keep your life if you are healthy and healthy. Life is short, don’t forget to cherish.
Suicide is now the fifth leading cause of death in the world. I live in China now. According to the survey, about 287000 people commit suicide and 2 million people attempt suicide every year in China alone. Every two minutes, one person committed suicide and eight attempted suicide. The data of suicidal ideation has not been counted yet, and it will be even larger if it is to be counted. Why do we avoid disease and war and choose to leave the world on our own?

Yes, life is full of setbacks and difficulties. Whether it is from home or work, there will always be a solution, life is only once! It is the most desired thing for the sick. What we easily discard is what others can’t get for how much money they spend.

Cherish life and keep away from suicide is to keep an optimistic attitude. A person’s state of mind determines his state of life. In our daily life, we often can’t get what we want, and we often suffer from hardships, grievances and setbacks.

In the face of all kinds of difficulties in life, you should always have a mature and tolerant heart, look at problems with a positive and optimistic attitude, never give up yourself, and you will be able to find the strength to stand up again from the suffering and pain.

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