What are some things that you should never do in a relationship?

Two people together really need fate, since you
choose to be together, use some wisdom to manage your love well.

Today, we will analyze what a man can’t do in a
relationship from the standpoint of a boy. Look at the ones you made!!


First: don’t
ask women about the past. After all, you can’t stand the details of the past.
If it’s simple, you always have a question mark in your heart.

similarly, you should not tell her too much about the past, especially how
affectionate you used to be and how to love another woman without self-esteem.

Third: don’t
have virginity complex. Although there are not many people with virginity
complex in this society, they are men after all. They will care more or less,
and remember to put their own mentality in order.

Fourth: don’t be
too male chauvinism. Women in the new era are no longer the obedient little
women in the past. If they are too big, they will be unbearable.

Fifth: don’t
bring her work emotions, you can talk to her, but don’t lose temper to her
because of work problems.

Sixth: don’t
praise other women’s beauty in person. Women always feel that they are the most
beautiful. You can praise other women, such as her inner beauty, so that she
can feel her own shortcomings and know how to correct herself.

Seventh: don’t
compare your former girlfriend with her. It’s unfair to say how good the former
one is. How can different people compare it.

Eighth: do not
in front of friends, do not pull her hand, or do not embrace her, she will be
very sad, think you do not care about her, also make her face, appropriate in
front of others show love is necessary (especially in front of friends scold

Ninth: don’t
keep staring at a woman in the street, or holding her hand, keep looking at the
passing woman, that is her biggest humiliation. (you can look at it when she’s
away, it doesn’t matter.)

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