What are some things you realized when you got mature?

◆I finally had the courage to give a different opinion to others.
◆When I get hurt or cry, and I stop yelling at my friends and parents

◆I will not play with other people’s feelings for my own happiness.

◆Don’t want to please others, just want to be a better self.
◆No longer spend time on unimportant people.
◆I finally understood the value and importance of money.
◆I won’t judge people by their appearance
◆No matter what my ex boyfriend did to hurt me, I don’t want to hate him any more. I just want to be happier in the future.
◆I realized that the quality of friendship is more important than the number of friends.
◆Slowly, I began to pay less attention to other people’s opinions on me.
◆I realized when to be silent and when to fight for what I needed.
◆Encounter things, I began to no longer choose to escape, but slowly assume my responsibility.
◆I realized that besides working, I should spend more time with my family.

◆I realized that I was beginning to learn to listen.

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